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Social Workers, questions about Continuing Competence, Registration and Restricted activities are answered here : FAQ


Employers, questions about Social Work, who has to be registered, scope of practice, etc. are answered here : FAQ


Students, information about Educational Programs, benefits of ACSW membership, becoming registered, and other answers to questions you might have can be found here: FAQ


To notify us of any changes in your work or home contact information please send an e-mail to Theresa at the ACSW office with the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your RSW number
  • Preferred e-mail address
  • Your new employer name & job title (if applicable) address, phone number, fax number, professional insurance information, etc.
  • Date in which the changes take effect



Lynn Labrecque King
Executive Director & Registrar
(Council & Council Committees, Registration, SW Education, Gov't Relations, Provincial/National Relations)


Sheryl Pearson
Manager, Regulatory Practice/Complaints Director
(Professional Discipline, Ethics and Standards)


Bruce Llewellyn
Manager, Regulatory Practice/Complaints Director
(Professional Discipline, Ethics and Standards)


Manager, Professional Affairs
(Advocacy, Gov't Relations, Student/Public Presentations, Member Interest Groups, Area Coordinators, Advocate, Conference, Promotions)


Competence Program Coordinator (Continuing Competence, Ethics and Standards)


Charity Lui
Membership Activities Coordinator - North
(Advocate, Member Interest Groups, Area Coordinators)


Heather Johnson
Membership Activities Coordinator - South
(Member Interest Groups, Area Coordinators)



Gladys Smecko (Management)
Finance & Administration Officer
(Leases, Payables, Receivables)


Brenda Gross (Management)
Registration Coordinator
(RSW Applications in Progress)


Noreen Majek (Management)
Executive Assistant / Administrative Team Lead
(Support to President, Executive Director, Council and Team Lead for Administration)


Ilona Cardinal
Promotions Coordinator
(Annual Conference & Event planning, Graphic Design, Advocate Advertising, E-Newsletter, Mass Email, Social Media Networking, Merchandise)


Laurie Nelson

Registration/OnlineService Support Analyst
(New Applications/Registrations/IT Support)


Theresa Duban
Administrative Support Professional
(Front Line Services - Renewals)


Cassandra Chartier
Administrative Support Professional
(Front Line Services - Competency Committee and Program Support)


Jennifer Vasquez
Administrative Support Professional
(Front Line Services - Finance, Registration, Regulatory Services)


Tracy Houben
Administrative Support Professional
(Front Line Services - General, Mail Services)


Neetu Dodd
Administrative Support Professional/Hearings Director
(Front Line Services – Complaints, Discipline & Clinical Committee & Program Support, Discipline Hearings Director)



2014 Council Members

To contact a council member, please email



Richard Gregory, President

Linda Golding, Vice President

Terrry Wilson, Secretary

Rick Guthrie, Treasurer



Richard Shelson

Timothy Wild

Cynthia Gallop

Alec Stratford

Linda Fehr

Margaret Brown



Lyle Berge
Murray Hiebert



Kanakii Mekaisto




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