Council is the governing body of the Alberta College of Social Workers. Council has responsibilities that are defined in the Health Professions Act and specified in the regulations and bylaws of the ACSW. In addition, Council assumes a variety of non-mandated activities in the name of and on behalf of the ACSW.

Numerous committees accountable to Council pursue a variety of activities and make recommendations to Council on policy issues. There are two main categories of committees: regulatory and professional affairs/development. The former reflect legislative requirements and the latter reflect membership interests.

Generally, Council as a whole meets every second month. The Executive Committee (EXCO) meets alternate months.

There are twenty Council members:

15 Voting Members

  • 4 Officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer) comprising EXCO
  • 6 Members at Large
  • 4 Public Members appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council
  • Chair, Aboriginal Social Work Advisory Committee

5 Non-Voting Members

  • Chair, Registration Committee
  • Chair, Competence Committee
  • Chair, Clinical Social Work Committee
  • Chair, Professional Social Work Education Board
  • Past President

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