Election Time - Time to Advocate (2012)


Poverty continues to be a serious social problem in Alberta.  Factors contributing to the problem include low wage rates, inadequate child care subsidies, high housing costs, a regressive revenue system, low royalty rates, inadequate income supplement / replacement programs, low investment in social programs, volatile utility costs and increasing income inequality.  Poverty rates are particularly high for single parent families, people with disabilities, new Canadians and Aboriginal people.  Increasingly, poverty is also a gender-issue, with women experiencing significantly higher levels of poverty.   

It’s election time – time to advocate with your local candidate. Here are questions and a sample letter that you can use as a guide.

For details of other questions for candidates in specific areas go to the Public Interest Alberta website.

If you have feedback or questions please contact Lori Sigurdson, Manager, Professional Affairs at lsigurdson@acsw.ab.ca.

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