Become a Registered Social Worker


What is a Registered Social Worker (RSW)?

An individual may be called a registered social worker if he or she is registered with the appropriate regulatory body. The Alberta College of Social Workers is the designated regulatory body for the province of Alberta.

How do I become an RSW?

An application to become a registered social worker must be filed. There are two methods of filing an application for registration. One way is to complete a paper application and return it to the ACSW for review. A second way is through an electronic application over the internet.

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What are some rewards of membership?

  • Denotes employability: professional status and credibility
  • Promotion of the Profession.
  • lobbying for recognition of the profession, including specialized fields of practice
  • access to items for Social Work Week and career fairs
  • Canadian Association of Social Work Member
  • over 15, 000 social workers across Canada join as advocates for social justice and to promote social work as a profession
  • Quarterly Publications
  • receive the ACSW's newsletter, The Advocate
  • receive the CASW's scholarly journal, The Social Worker
  • Collegial Opportunity
  • various Interest Groups meet regularly to network, provide support and address pertinent social issues by developing briefs, position papers or lobbying for "the equitable distribution of societal resources" as required by the CASW Code of Ethics.
  • Several Regulatory Committees provide specialized training and the chance to develop skill in the legislated aspects of the profession. All of these groups may recommend policy and / or action to Council, thereby influencing the functioning of the ACSW
  • Conferences and workshops
  • A conference is held annually along with additional forums and workshops on relevant subjects as a means of keeping members current and involved

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