Student Bursary Program


The Alberta College of Social Workers Announces the Establishment of a Bursary Fund

The ACSW has established a Bursary Fund in 2004 to assist social work students in continuing their education through a college or university program. To view the background information, eligibility and applications procedures, please click below:

Bursary Background Information

Bursary Application Form


Applications for 2015 will be accepted after August 31, 2015 for the 2015 Bursary Fund.  Deadline for submissions is October 30, 2015.  PLEASE note that incomplete applications are NOT accepted.


Bursary Recipients for 2014.

The ACSW is pleased to congratulate the recipients of the 2014 ACSW Bursary awards.  Recipients were selected based on their commitment to the profession of social work through active involvement in the community, their educational institution and with the Alberta College of Social Workers.  The ACSW Bursary was established in 2004 to assist five social work students annually to continue their education at a college or university program.

Bursary Recipients for 2014:

(in no particular order)

Callista Chasse

Jennifer Thompson

Amanda Orsten

Matthew Taylor

Sandi Huynh

In addition to the annual Bursary awards, this year there were an additional 8 recipients who received a smaller bursary due to the caliber of all the applicants!

Shambuhu Chowdhury

Sheila Eliasson

Desalegn Dagnew

Sheena Noppen

Danielle Parent

Kelly Anne Thomson

Katharina Zacharias

Eva Cechlovska

Congratulations to all the bursary recipients!

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