Alberta College of Social Workers

Application Fee Schedule

Application Type Application Fee*
New Graduate Application
New graduates are those within 3 years of completing a social work diploma accredited by ACSW, BSW/MSW accredited by CASWE, CSWE, NIAB


Not Registered Application
Greater than 3 years since completing a social work credential as described above and not currently registered as a social worker in a recognized jurisdiction
Actively Registered in a Recognized Jurisdiction Application
Actively registered as a social worker in another recognized jurisdiction
Internationally Educated Application
Social work credential from a program outside of Canada or USA not accredited by ACSW, CASWE, CSWE, NIAB
Reinstatement Application
  • Requested cancellation
  • Cancelled by ACSW
Previously registered as a social worker with ACSW at any time, under any name, with any level of education

Courtesy Application
  • 3 Months
  • 12 Months
Actively registered as a social worker in Canada or USA practicing in Alberta for less than 360 hours per year. Application fee covers the dues


Clinical Application
Already an RSW additionally applying to the clinical registry paid upon acceptance to the Clinical Registry
Student Application
Includes the first year of a Student Membership for student in an accredited social work program

* Refunds are not issued for any application fees