Alberta College of Social Workers

Honouring Our Own

Each year the Alberta College of Social Workers recognizes community members and outstanding social workers who demonstrate a strong commitment to the profession of social work and exemplary practice throughout their career. 

Clinical Social Work
Excellence in Social Work 
Honourary Membership
John Graham Hutton Memorial
Tera Dahl Lang Memorial 

Nomination Package should include:

  • Fully completed Nomination Form
    • Two RSW nominators in good standing
    • Letter(s) outlining reasons for specific award nomination
  • Current resume of nominee
  • Relevant supporting documentation

FAX: (780) 421-1168

The Nominations and Recruitment Committee will review the nominees and make recommendations regarding award recipients to Council for approval. 

For further information contact the ACSW office at (780) 421-1167 or 1-800-661-3089 and ask for the Executive Assistant.

ACSW Awards Policy - Approved by Council December 7, 2018

2019 Recipients

This award recognizes a registered social worker in good standing who has made an outstanding contribution to the profession of social work and the community through social action and policy.

Richard Shelson, MSW, RCSW

Richard has been a social worker for 40 years, supporting individuals and families through counselling and mental health therapy, and advancing clinical social work practice in the mental health field. Richard was involved in advocacy for the social work profession to be included in the Health Professions Act and has served as a long-time ACSW volunteer, including serving on Council in multiple roles, on the Clinical Committee since its inception, and by continuing to provide leadership on the Private Practice Committee. Richard was also the first Canadian member on the Association of Social Work Boards’ Practice Analysis Taskforce, and a member and chair of their exam committee. His support for the profession is unparalleled, and he continues to be an advocate, teacher and mentor within Alberta’s social work community.

This award recognizes social workers who have exhibited exemplary skills and commitment over time.

Marianne Wright, MA (Social Work), RSW

Marianne has been a social worker for over 40 years, as a clinical social worker in private practice, a social work educator and a field placement instructor. Marianne retired in 2019 after teaching at MacEwan University since 1980. Throughout her career as an educator, Marianne contributed to the development of courses that focus on clinical skills and social work methods. Marianne is dedicated to giving back to the profession, including supporting the ACSW with participation on the Private Practice, Complaints and Discipline, and Clinical Committees, as well as being an investigator and co-chairing the ACSW Conference Committee. Marianne has demonstrated excellence in social work through her support of students, practitioners and community agencies, fostering dedication to the ongoing growth and development of the profession.

    This award is presented to a registered social worker who has exhibited exemplary leadership, skills and commitment to the advancement of clinical social work, as well as continuing excellence in clinical competence, ethical practice, and respect for diversity.

    Val Gervais, MSW, RSW

    Val is a two-spirited Métis addiction and mental health therapist residing in Edmonton. For 35 years, Val has been working within addiction and mental health, justice and collaborative concurrent disorder shared care, acute care, community and primary health care, and community activism and non-profit sectors. She is passionate about: providing knowledge translation to health care providers so they can develop sensitive cultural care for Indigenous clients, families and communities; and modelling Indigenous cultural approaches to teaching methods and clinical practice. Val is the creator of the “Storyteller’s Blanket”, used to assist with knowledge translation, and is a passionate educator, most recently with the University of Calgary Faculty of Social Work. She created the first LGBTQ2S+ BSW course for the Faculty of Social Work in Edmonton in 2019, and has been an instructor and practicum supervisor for MSW students who are interested in addiction and mental health clinical care.

    This award is presented to a registered social worker who has demonstrated exemplary leadership and commitment to the advancement of Indigenous ways of knowing and continuing excellence in Indigenous social work practice.

    Sharon Steinhauer, MSW, RSW 

    Sharon has been a social worker for over 30 years, dedicated to the development and advancement of Indigenous social work practice in Alberta. Sharon’s goal is to live life with relational accountability and work for social and economic justice by honouring diverse ways of knowing and being, with an emphasis on restoring Indigenous families, organizations and communities by addressing the impact of colonization. Sharon has been a teacher and leader at University nuxełhot’įne thaaɁehots’į nistameyimâkanak Blue Quills from 1998 until her retirement as the social work program lead in 2019. Sharon’s published work includes topics such as understanding childhood trauma in Indigenous communities, economic security of Indigenous women and health of Indigenous children, families and communities. Sharon was the co-developer of the ACSW Indigenous social work practice framework and is a leader, collaborator, and wise teacher who has served her community and profession with dignity and honour.

    The Canadian Association of Social Workers Distinguished Service Award is given on the occasion of National Social Work Month to a recipient chosen from CASW Partner Organizations.

    Lynn Labrecque King, MSW, RSW

    Lynn is a compassionate social worker and leader with 35 years of service to the social work profession. She is known nationally within the social work profession and was instrumental in bringing ACSW back to the Canadian Association of Social Workers to ensure Alberta has a national voice. She has served as the President of the Canadian Council of Social Work Regulators and contributed leadership in addressing the interjurisdictional mobility of social workers within Canada. Throughout her social work career, Lynn has demonstrated tenacity, creativity and collaborative leadership in her various roles at Alberta Children’s Services and while serving as Executive Director and Registrar of the Alberta College of Social Workers. Through the foundational values of caring, communication and collaboration, she has instilled pride and service to the profession while collaboratively aiming to achieve excellence. She is an exemplary leader, upholding integrity and treating others with kindness, dignity and respect.

    Previous Recipients

    2018 Hiroko Nakao
    2017 Liza Lorenzetti
    2016 Sharon Goulet & Minister Lori Sigurdson
    2015 Lana Wells
    2014 Dr. Mary Valentich
    2013 Sherry McKibbon
    2012 Dr. Betty Jean Bastien
    2011 Joe Ceci
    2010 Carolyn and Butch Nutter
    2009 Lynn King
    2008 Marina Glacomin
    2007 Poi Ngeth
    2006 Maureen Andruschak
    2005 Jenny Kain, Bob Marvin, Marcia Tait (Community Economic Development Team)
    2004 Swati Fernando
    2003 John Reilly
    2002 Valerie Laforce
    2001 Papiya Das
    2000 Kay Wong
    1999 Diana Everatt
    1998 Margaret Brown
    1997 Neil Deringer
    1996 Sam Blakely
    1995 Jacqueline A. Aitken
    1994 Sherry McKibbon
    1993 AASW Committee on Gerontological Social Work
    1992 Marcus Busch
    2018 Maria Geronazzo & Marjorie Epp
    2017 Alisha Keast
    2016 Elizabeth Schnitzler
    2015 Bob Marvin & Debra Carnat
    2014 June Yee & Carolyn Barker
    2013 Mark Sloan & Hugh McGreary
    2012 Sandra Alton & Lisa Lamont
    2011 Sandy Lyon & Colleen Elizabeth Clark
    2010 Connie Zacharias, Connie Olsen, Laurel Fitzsimonds & Elaine Eskow
    2009 Rebecca Withers, May Shillington, Meagan MacLeod & Lynn King
    2008 Joan Wahl, Shirley Piedt, Ian MacKenzie, Kay Feehan & Lana Bentley
    2007 Peter Smyth, Charlotte Cooper & Debra Best
    2006 Deborah Livergood, Marilyn Wilson, Janice Martin & Richard Gregory
    2005 George Jason & Tannis Eapen
    2004 Zemeta Chefeke & Liz Hedegaard
    2003 Sandra Gillis
    2002 Jim Thomson, Suzanne Rosebrugh, Jane Khau & Morris Chaban
    2001 Heather Moon
    2000 Gayle Steward
    1999 W. Dennis Switzer
    1998 Sharon Harewood
    1997 Audrey Ferber
    1996 Jan Wiedman
    1995 Catherine Colleen Morrison
    2018 Judith Mason & Alan McLuckie
    2018 Wilda Listener
    2017 Murray Soroka
    2014 Audrey DeWit & Dr. Austin Mardon
    2013 Bill Moore-Kilgannon
    2012 Diana Gibson
    2010 Jan Reimer
    2009 Barb Scott
    2007 Family and Community Support Services Association of Alberta
    2005 Multicultural Health Brokers Coop
    2004 Raj Pannu
    2003 Allyson Jeffs
    2002 Crossroads
    2000 David Ross & Michael Phair
    1999 Liz O'Neill
    1998 Edmonton Social Planning Council
    1997 Alice Hanson & Gwenneth Gowanlock
    1996 John Jack Patrick Kirley
    1994 Marie MacDonald
    1993 Marcella Gillis, Don Milne, Bettie Howes
    1990 Clara Mintz
    1987 Katherine (Kit) Gillis & F.H. (Tim) Tyler
    1983 Leonard Richards & Keith Wass
    1981 Mary Davis & Thelma Scrambler
    1980 Herbert Allard
    1979 Duncan W. Rogers & Albert Comanor
    1974 E.J. (Ted) Kibblewhite
    2019 Richard Gregory
    2018 Calgary and Area Social Workers for Social Justice