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Consider joining a Member Interest Group! Member interest groups  provide support to social workers in their fields of practice and interest. These groups undertake advocacy activities, host continuing competence events, arrange Social Work Week activities and provide networking opportunities. If you are interested in joining one of these groups or developing a new group in any field of practice, please contact Charity Lui, Membership Activities Team Lead at 

From September to June, we meet on the first Wednesday of the month over the lunch hour. Over this last year, we have rotated the location of our meetings between the ACSW office and the St. Peter’s Learning Services site.
The primary purpose of our group remains to support social workers working with children and youth through networking opportunities, educational and self-care activities and social justice initiatives. The group advocates for policies and resources that support the well-being of children, youth and families in Alberta. We continue to act in an advisory capacity to the ACSW Council on matters relating to the well-being of children.

Past Activities:

Highlights in 2017 included providing input into the ACSW formal submission to the Ministerial Panel on Child Intervention. In March 2017, the group hosted a movie screening of “Everybody’s Children” during social work week. In October 2017, Blaine Davis from the Jack Davis Hope Foundation gave a presentation. In November 2017, we had a presentation regarding gang awareness. Also in November, our group hosted a networking opportunity with Dr. Eileen Munro and colleagues.

Social Action/Social Justice Interest Group in Edmonton meets regularly to discuss and advocate for social justice. For further information contact

Current Meetings

New Members are Welcome to join the first Social Action/Social Justice - Edmonton Interest Group.

  • Date: Last Monday of the month at 5:00 PM
  • Location: ACSW Boardroom, Suite 550, 10707 100 Ave NW
  • RSVP: to

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OASW Federal Election Readiness Guide 2015

Thanks to the Ontario Association of Social Workers who have given us permission to use this guide they have developed. This is an important election. We can make a difference.

The OASW Federal Election Readiness Guide 2015 PDF is located here.


Response to Developing a Social Policy Framework for Alberta : Discussion Guide

The Edmonton Social Action/Social Justice (SASJ) interest group of the Alberta College of Social Workers (ACSW) commends the government’s efforts to develop a Social Policy Framework for Alberta. The SASJ interest group submitted comments on the “Discussion Guide” and responded to the key questions in the Guide that had been issued by Human Services Alberta. Here is the link to Human Services Alberta


Membership Activities Team Lead

Charity Lui -

The Edmonton Retired Social Workers meet a few times per year for a lunch and speaker. For further information, please contact Charity Lui, Membership Activities Team Lead at or 780.421.1167.

The ACSW Gerontology Network - North Interest Group meet regularly to discuss issues related to seniors. From policy shifts and changes to day-to-day work with the senior population. For further information contact Charity Lui, Membership Activities Team Lead at

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The Private Practice Committee is an Interest Group of ACSW concerned with matters relating to the private practice of social work and to social work private practitioners and their clientele. Its primary mandate is to promote and maintain Best Practices for Social Workers in Private Practice.

Private Practitioners are advanced level Social Workers registered to practice in the Province of Alberta under the Alberta College of Social Workers. They provide services directly to clients and, either wholly or in part, practice their profession independently of any governmental or voluntary agency. They take sole responsibility for their practice and establish their own conditions of payment with their clients. Their professional identity in their private practice is social work.

The Alberta College of Social Workers is obligated by the Health Professions Act to serve and protect the public interest. To this end, it is reasonable that the public should expect that RSWs in Private Practice have sufficient experience and competence that enables them to practice without supervision.

For further information, to find out when this Committee meets next or to RSVP for the next meeting contact Charity Lui, Membership Activities Team Lead at

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The Social Workers in Health Interest Group meets monthly over the lunch hour, on the last Wednesday of the month, through telehealth - Alberta Health Services teleconferencing service. These meetings join social workers throughout the province to network and collaborate around best practice. For more information contact Charity Lui, Membership Activities Team Lead at

Upcoming Meetings

  • Date: Last Wednesday of every month
  • Time: Noon – 1:00 PM
  • Location: AHS Telehealth or telephone line
  • RSVP: to

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Social Worker - Membership Activities

Heather Johnson -

Calgary Social Workers for Social Justice take action and advocate for social justice. The group hosts workshops, events, attends rallies and addresses local issues that affect the citizens of Calgary throughout the year. For further information, please contact Heather Johnson, Membership Activities Coordinator - South at

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The Child & Youth Interest Group - Calgary is currently recruiting social workers who work in or are interested in child & youth issues to join the group. For more information contact Heather Johnson, Membership Activities Coordinator - South at

More information:

Report - Achieving the Promise: Ending Poverty in Alberta (PDF)

This report on child and family poverty outlines the challenge Alberta faces if we are going to eliminate child poverty in five years and reduce poverty for everyone in ten years.

The Gerontological Social Work Action Group (GSWAG) focuses on issues related to seniors. GSWAG focuses on day to day work with seniors, issues within long term care and support of seniors and overall policies related to seniors. For further information contact Heather Johnson, Membership Activities Coordinator - South at

The International Social Work Interest Group meets via teleconference, allowing members throughout the province to participate. This Committee focuses on global social work issues. For more information contact Heather Johnson, Membership Activities Coordinator -South at

As the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW), International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW), and the International Council of Social Welfare (ICSW) come together to develop "the agenda", take advantage of this opportunity to act collectively with others across the globe.

Have you wondered how your Social Work can be used in humanitarian work? Look no further. We have some exciting new opportunities that we wanted Social Work students & alumni to know about:

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Social Action for Social Justice (SASJ) believes that all people deserve equitable access to resources, supports and the right to be a part of and contribute to an inclusive community. We seek to promote equity and justice, serving as a catalyst for local social change. This interest group strives to be responsive to local needs through awareness raising campaigns, collaborations with like-minded organizations and progressive community action.

For more information contact