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Information in this section is intended for those considering social work as a profession, current social work students, and recent graduates from social work programs. Below you can also find a listing of accredited social work programs. You may also want to check out the  Frequently Asked Questions for Students. 

More Information

If you are considering a career in social work it is important to ensure that you attend an approved/accredited social work program. A list of programs approved for registration in Alberta can be found below.

There are four levels of education that provide preparation for a career in social work:

  • Diploma - Diploma of Social Work
  • Undergraduate Degree - Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)
  • Graduate Degrees - Master of Social Work (MSW)
  • Doctor of Philosophy ( PhD)
  • Doctor of Social Work (DSW)

The level of education required for a career in social work varies with the type of work and work setting. Those interested in embarking on a career in social work should consider volunteering with a social work related organization, as volunteer experience is required for entry into most programs.

To learn more about approved social work programs in the Province of Alberta, as well as in Canada and the United States, please click on the links below:



  • CASWE Canadian Association for Social Work Education (Canada)

United States

  • CSWE Council on Social Work Education (United States)

The ACSW conference scholarship fund is sponsored by TD Insurance Meloche Monnex. The scholarship provides support for social work students to attend the annual ACSW conference. Scholarships are awarded to a maximum of $500.00

This award reflects TD Insurance Meloche Monnex’s continuing commitment to service, quality, integrity, innovation and initiative. When the conference is in Edmonton the bursary is available to students living outside the Edmonton region to help offset costs to attend. When the conference is in Calgary the funds will be available for students living outside the Calgary area.

Applicants will complete an application and submit a paragraph outlining their need. Successful recipients are asked to submit a brief write up of 500 words or less along with a picture, regarding your experience for publication in The Advocate.

Students must be members of ACSW to apply.

If you are already a student member please CLICK HERE to login to your Member Portal.

The Alberta College of Social Workers Announces the Establishment of a Bursary Fund

The ACSW has established a Bursary Fund in 2004 to assist social work students in continuing their education through a college or university program. To view the background information, eligibility and applications procedures, please click below:

Bursary Background Information

Bursary Application Form

Applications for the 2020 Bursary Fund open on August 28, 2020. Deadline for submissions October 30, 2020. PLEASE note that incomplete applications are NOT accepted.

Bursary Recipients for 2019.

The ACSW is pleased to congratulate the recipients of the 2018 ACSW Bursary awards. Recipients are selected based on their commitment to the profession of social work through active involvement in the community, their educational institution and with the Alberta College of Social Workers. The ACSW Bursary was established in 2004 to assist five social work students annually to continue their education at a college or university program. 

Bursary Recipients for 2019 
(in no particular order) 

Roberta Bradley
Jocelyn Carter
Jeffrey Chalifoux
Queen Ezinwa
Jessica Sauerwein

Bursary Recipients for 2018

(in no particular order)

Kristina Laban
Dawn Rae
Brittany Gadwa
Zeljka Udovicic
Nozipho Moyo

Bursary Recipients for 2017
(in no particular order)

Selina Giesbrecht
Jessica Weir
Lacey Stewart
Zoee Brinkman
Larisa Kreider

Bursary Recipients for 2016
(in no particular order)

Sheena Abar
Jesse Orjasaeter
Christina Davis
Brittany Whitford
Justin Marin

Bursary Recipients for 2015

(in no particular order)

Michelle Bella
Kitty Choi
Jaime Hobbs
Michelle Maser
Julia Nicholls

Bursary Recipients for 2014:  
(in no particular order)

$1000.00 Bursary $500.00 Bursary
Callista Chasse Shambuhu Chowdhury
Jennifer Thompson Sheila Eliasson
Amanda Orsten Desalegn Dagnew
Matthew Taylor Sheena Noppen
Sandi Huynh Danielle Parent
  Kelly Anne Thomson
  Katharina Zacharias
  Eva Cechlovska

Bursary Recipients for 2013:
(in no particular order)

Erin Bronskill
Naomi Hanna
Eveline Ngwa
Jade Stangland
Candice Irwin