Alberta College of Social Workers


1. Complete the Employer Application - click here

Once the Employer Application is completed you will receive an email notification that the new application was created. A user name and password will be assigned to you within 5 business days at which time you will be able to submit your job postings and events.

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Employers' Handbook

Alberta Health (Government of Alberta) developed a Health Professions Act Handbook to assist employers understanding how the Health Professions Act impacts social workers in the workplace, both inside and outside of a health care context. Click here to view and download a copy of the Health Professions Act Handbook.

Employers may monitor the current status of a social worker's practice permit on the public register or may contact the Registrar. The public register will identify if a practice permit is issued with conditions, suspended, or cancelled. Click here to view the public register.

Health Professions Act

In April 2003, the Health Professions Act (HPA) was proclaimed for the Social Work profession, ensuring that all Registered Social Work practitioners in the field are regulated.