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Standards of Practice

On March 28, 2019, the Council of ACSW approved the latest Standards of Practice that implemented mandated changes as a result of amendments to the Health Professions Act. These standards replace the October 2013 document and reflect our knowledge of best practices throughout our diverse profession.

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Code of Ethics

Two of the most important documents for social workers are the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. ACSW currently uses the CASW 2005 Code of Ethics that were approved by Council in 2007.

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Practice Guidance

Management of Consent and Confidentiality when working with Minors

On October 23, 2013 the Council of ACSW approved the Guidelines on the Management and Consent and Confidentiality When Working with Minors . These Guidelines are not regulations, nor are they standards.  They are, however, tantamount to best practices when working with minors and can therefore be referenced when determining whether a social worker’s conduct is ethical and professional.