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All Applicants, please complete the " Applicant Qualification for Registration " survey. Based on your responses, you will be directed to the appropriate electronic application.

Application for Authorization for Restricted Activities

Please download the application by clicking on the link below. When you've completed the application please send it into the ACSW office by mail, fax or e-mail. You will not be contacted when we receive your application, you will only be contacted if there is an issue with your application or if we require more information.

Application for Authorization for Restricted Activities  

Please be sure to add a copy of your current resume.  Applications and resumes can be sent to 

Clinical Registry

The Clinical Social Work Registry is designed to recognize social workers who have an advance standing in clinical social work practice.

Clinical Social Work is defined as follows:

  • Clinical Social Work is a mental health profession based on the application of knowledge and theory of "psychosocial development, behavior, psychopathology, unconscious motivation, interpersonal relationships and environmental stress"*. It utilizes social work methods to assess diagnose and provide psychotherapeutic interventions across the lifespan with individuals, couples, families, and groups. Clinical social workers demonstrate a commitment to continuing competence, ethical practice, and respect for diversity.

*Handbook of Clinical Social Work Supervision (3rd edition) Carleton E. Munson, PhD p. 9  .

Section 2, Schedule 27 of the Health Professions Act provides that “Clinical Social Worker” is a designation for registered social workers in Alberta and the Social Work Profession Regulation provides restrictions on which regulated social workers may use the title “Clinical Social Worker”. Thus, the title “Clinical Social Worker” is statutorily recognized and ACSW is statutorily authorized to establish a Clinical Social Worker Registry. While some registered social workers may have the knowledge, skills and ability to engage in the practice of clinical social work and perform diagnosis, all Clinical Social Workers are deemed to have this expertise by virtue of this designation.

Similarly, with respect to the use of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) in a social worker’s practice, any registered social worker may use the DSM or other diagnostic classification systems in assessment, diagnosis, treatment and other activities provided they have the appropriate level of knowledge, skill and ability in accordance with the ACSW Standards of Practice. Social workers on the Clinical Registry, by definition, have the competence to diagnose using the DSM or other diagnostic classification systems. 

Criteria for application to the Clinical Registry:

Education Required MSW with a specialization in clinical social work (or related clinical field)
Supervised Experience 1600 hours post-master's direct client contact in an agency or organized setting,
documented by the supervisor
Registration Status Must be a registered social worker in Alberta
Exam Passing score on written exam required

More Information about Clinical Registry

All applicants to the Clinical Registry are required to have an approved supervisor of record and an approved supervision plan in order to meet the requirements to join the registry. The Clinical Commitee meets four (4) times a year in February, May, September and November. All documents are required to be in to the ACSW office 10 days prior to the scheduled meeting. 
Please complete the application forms below: ( Note: These forms are currently available in Microsoft Word format only.) For additional information and documention deadlines for meetings, please contact the Clinical Administrative Support team

Form A.1 : Application for Membership to Clinical Social Work Registry
Form A.2 : Supervision Plan
Form A.2a: Supervision Plan Change
Form A.3 : Letter of Agreement
Form B.1 : Evaluation Form – Clinical Supervisor of Record
Form B.2 : Evaluation Form – Other Clinical Supervisors
Form C.1 : Application to be an Approved Clinical Supervisor of Record 

Clinical Supervision Applications

Form D.1:  Application to be an Approved Clinical Social Work Supervisor
Form D.2:  Application to be an Approved Clinical Social Work Supervisor - Reference 

For further information please check the Frequently Asked Questions.