Alberta College of Social Workers

Competence Program

The Continuing Competence Program

The Health Professions Act (HPA) requires that all regulated health professionals demonstrate that they are maintaining and enhancing their competence throughout their careers. Under the Health Professions Act, the ACSW must establish, maintain and enforce standards for continuing competence. All registered social workers must participate in the program in order to receive their annual practice permit.

Competence Program Resources

Portfolio Checklist  

Portfolios can be requested for audit six months prior to your renewal period and may be anywhere from 1 to 5 years of documentation. Members are responsible for maintaining a full five year portfolio in case of an audit. Always keep your original documents for your own portfolio.

Category A credits are acquired from programs offered through accredited continuing education providers, such as colleges, universities or professional organizations. Upon completion, participants receive documentation that can be added to their portfolio. Supporting documentation may include a certificate, transcript, diploma or letter from the chair.

If you have attended a program or participated in an activity that meets your learning goal, but have not received supporting documentation, you may still be able to count the hours as Category A by completing the Category A summary form provided in the Category A Credit Submission portion within the on-line renewal member portal.

A Learning Plan identifies and evaluates goals you establish to maintain or enhance your competence in social work practice. You may use a formal Learning Plan template available on the ACSW website or a learning plan developed within your workplace setting.

Download Learning Plan (you can choose either the Word or PDF version)

Self-assessment involves thoughtful reflection on ethical practice. It is being mindful about areas of strength and need for growth.

The Competence Committee has developed four forms to utilize during this step. These forms relate to Organizational Practice, Professional Practice, Ethical Practice and Self-care.

Organizational Practice serves to remind social workers they are responsible to be competent in any work related task. A volunteer activity that fits within the scope of social work is considered to be social work practice.

Professional Practice serves to remind social workers they are accountable to ensure their conduct and practice aligns with all professional and legislative requirements.

Ethical Practice serves to remind social workers that all practice must be in compliance with the Standards of Practice (2013) and the Code of Ethics (2005) adopted by the ACSW.

Download Self-Assessment (you can choose either a Word or PDF version)